Saturday, October 8, 2011

Update on Bryan...he's strong!

I spoke with the person who was able to interview Bryan and she said he is looking very strong physically (considering).  Some of the men are so deteriorated physically that they will literally lay their heads on the table after 5 minutes of talking and say, "I need to take a break".  Not our Bryan!

He is strong in his body and in his heart.  He has a "fire in the belly" for justice and is totally committed to the moral correctness of this peaceful protest.  She said he was in good spirits and appreciated all the love we sent his way.  He sends his love to all of us.

As for the conditions in AdSeg, they are as have been reported.  He has a jumpsuit, a mattress and a blanket.  The air conditioning makes it freezing cold. Oh, they also have the watch caps (knit beanie type hat) that were given to them as a concession after the last hunger strike.  I don't know if he has one, he threw his away when they gave it to him in July.

He has received no mail since the hunger strike began.  Their property has been packed up from their SHU cells and put into the property room (storage).  Legally, their legal paperwork is to be available to them, but there are reports that that is not happening, so it sounds like legal mail is not getting through, either. Or if it comes through, it is speculated that it is being examined first, which is illegal but par for the course at Pelican Bay.

They are told that all they need to do is eat and they can go back their SHU cells, get their mail and resume visits.  So the battle lines are still drawn between CDCR and the hunger strikers.  No negotiations, and CDCR is coming at them hard, legally and illegally, in any way to break them.  Bryan is up for the continuation of this action until things move in the right direction.  Period.

Here is a link to an article from Oct.7 in the New York Times, the mainstream media is starting to pick up their coverage of the hunger strike.

I have spoken with his mom and close friends and we are all much relieved to learn that Bryan is OK.  It is very draining to fear for him and all of the others who are suffering so much at this time, but I try to remember that I need to stay strong as well.  Fear only saps energy and if Bryan can stay strong, so can I.

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