Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A letter from Bryan - written Oct. 1 from AdSeg

Yesterday, I got a letter from Bryan written on October 1, which was day 6 of the hunger strike.  I will type it out here so it is easy to read...he writes so small.  I put an scanned image below.
Sat 10-1-11
First of all I send you my utmost love & respect.  Obviously I have no idea if you will even receive this and will be shocked if you actually do.  Thursday they came to my cell around 10:00 am and told me I had an interview concerning the hunger strike.  Instead, I was led out into the hallway along with 4 other prisoners from my block and escorted out of SHU over to ASU.  I was then placed into an empty cell with 2 blankets, 2 sheets, some filthy worn out ASU laundry and a fish kit (tooth powder/brush, cleanser, forms, 3 pieces of blank paper & 3 blank envelopes.)  Half of which is/was missing.  They brought over all 11 representatives, 2 of their cellies and me.

This is blatant retaliation for our participation in a peaceful, constitutionally protected, protest.  We have now been here for 3 days completely isolated in these empty cells.  We have received no paperwork, have not gone to committee in the required 72 hour time limit, and it's clear that all of the COs here were ordered to keep us in the dark, as they "know nothing".  We are now on day 6 of this protest and have not been weighed or seen any medical staff.  Several men are without their glasses and one man was never issued his 12:00 o'clock medication yesterday.  So here we sit in these strip cells, isolated and punished for our demand for humane conditions.  We expected NOTHING LESS from CDCR and its policy makers.

Julie, you know my heart and you've seen my will, this was a grave mistake.  These attempts to further brutalize my mind and isolate my body have only set my resolve in stone.

Please contact my family and let them know I am alright despite the circumstances.  I will not be broken.  Also please try to ASAP me some paper, 5 envelopes & stamps.  I have nothing here apart from one more blank envelope and a trust withdrawal slip to cover the postage.  I would really appreciate it.  As for my health, I am holding up fine.  My body is tired but it's early.  Love you my friend, please try not to worry too much.

Love always,

(Misspoke, I was seen on day 3 by a doc, weighed 178, but none of the rest of the guys have seen anyone.)

Note: he wrote his letter on the back of a page from the ASU orientation handbook.  The vertical gray streaks in his scanned letter are the words showing through.


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