Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The memo signed by CDCR Undersecretary Scott Kernan and the mediators

Bryan sent me his copy of the memo that was distributed to the men as proof that a settlement had been reached and the hunger strike was over.  It is the document agreed to by the Prisoner Representatives and then signed by the mediation team..

It is not a CDCR memo, per se, but a summation of conversations. Attorney Carol Strickman spoke with many staffers about the proposed changes that were in the works and saw a document of about 35 pages across the table that they said had the specifics...she did not actually review it, just saw it from across the table.  She then asked if she could write a summary of the things she was told that were "in the works" and present that for signatures.  CDCR Undersecretary Kernan agreed.  So this document was created by Carol, reviewed by the Prisoner Representatives and then signed off by the 4 mediators and CDCR Undersecretary Scott Kernan.  Note the "acknowledged & agreed" hand written after his signature

This is the document that was presented to Bryan and the other hunger strikers to convince them to come off the hunger strike.  You can see the number 192 showing through on page two.  That is because they wrote his cell number, 192, in magic marker on the memo so it would be distributed to his cell.  Bryan and the 4 other hunger strikers from Pelican Bay housed in his area were a bit concerned because there were no signatures of Prisoner Representatives, but reasoned that all those attorneys, who are known and respected by all the prisoners, probably wouldn't have signed it if it wasn't OK.  But just to be sure, CDCR pulled the four of the five prisoners from Pelican Bay SHU currently staying at Corcoran ASU to conference (# 5 was in the hospital).  One of the 4 was a Prisoner Representative and confirmed that he took that phone call reviewing the document and had agreed to it.  That was Thursday, Oct. 13.  Bryan was enjoying a bologna sandwich by 9 pm that night.  He described it as "20 minutes of heaven", which is how long it took him to get it down.

Speaking of Kernan, he just retired after 30 years with CDCR .... according to this interview,  under the terms of his contract, 30 years of service means he qualifies for 90% of his annual pay...each year, for the rest of his life.  The article says he is 50 years do the math.

I'm hoping that CDCR doesn't use his retirement as a way to wiggle out of honoring this agreement.  That's why it is so important for family and friends of prisoners and ALL the citizens of the world to keep the pressure on CDCR and Governor Brown to follow through with the agreements spelled out in the document below:

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