Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bryan sends his love...

I had a day-long commitment which kept me away from the phone, I just checked my voice mail:

1.  Dr. Sayre, chief medical officer for PBSP, called in response to my request for Bryan's weight.  As of today, Bryan's weight is 153, down 22 lbs from his regular weight of 175.

2.  I also had a voice mail from the legal person who interviewed Bryan today.   She said he appreciates the messages of support and that he sends his love.  She also said, "he looks great" and "he looks like he is really hanging in there".  Her message said we could talk tomorrow as she is recovering from the all night drive to Crescent City and a full round of interviews today.  A well deserved rest !!!!

That's all I have for tonight, I know I will sleep much better than last night.  My very first question will be about their mail.  But that is just extra credit, what I/we all really wanted to know is that he is OK, and for now he is... :-)

I will update this post tomorrow when I have more detailed information.

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