Tuesday, July 12, 2011

He's Dying.......

This is Bryan !!! PLEASE READ

I received this update directly from Ed Mead, the editor of the California Prison Focus paper, with whom I have been in direct contact from the beginning:

Updated News Item on Hunger Strike:
Tuesday 8:30 AM: According to a SHU nurse, things are bad at Pelican Bay. The prisoners have not been drinking water and there have been rapid and severe consequences. Nurses are crying. All of the medical staff has been ordered to work overtime to follow and treat the hunger strikers. As of Monday, there were about 50 on C-SHU and 150 on D-SHU. They are not drinking water and have decompensated rapidly. Some are in renal failure and have been unable to make urine for 3 days. Some are having measured blood sugars in the 30 range, which can be fatal if not treated. They have refused concentrated sugar packs and ensure. The staff has taken them to the CTC and given them intravenous glucose when allowed by the prisoners, but some won't accept this medical support. As of Monday, no one has been force fed with a nasogastric tube. A few have tried to sip water but are so sick that they are vomiting it back up. Some of the medical staff is freaked out because clearly some of these guys seem determined to die. Not taking the water is crushing the staff because the prisoners are progressing rapidly to the organ damaging consequences of dehydration.

I know for an absolute fact based on my in person conversations with Bryan that he is refusing water at this phase of the hunger strike..... 

May God have mercy on us all for allowing this to happen.....this is is our doing..... our elected officials used our tax dollars to create the SuperMax prison system, and the evil of that place has driven the men to this change the system or die situation .... and my friend Bryan is dying now.   

Also from Ed Mead via email to me:

Below is a letter from a PBSP Hunger Striker. Here is the letter from Chad Landrum:

“It’s been a difficult and uphill battle, a lot of brow-beating and direct debate, but as it stands all are participating on a limited basis. Some, including myself, are going “indefinitely”… victory or death! I ask that you and those necessary are aware of our participation. Geographically we are isolated from the main SHU facility and PBSP will try to isolate and restrain our info from getting out. We are in A-Z. Also, as you know, I’m sincerely sick with end stage liver disease (ESLD) and a severe case of related diabetes. I’m going to end up in the hospital almost immediately and will be effectively isolated. Due to my dedication to the struggle I will continue with my strike. I won’t know when to stop. If the demands have been met in whole, negotiated part, etc. I will not take the cops’ word for the pigs have proven their word to be hollow. I will need the word of you or your outside support. Likewise, please keep those convicts at the heart of this struggle in D short [corridor] abreast of my circumstances (most know me as ‘Ghost’ or  ‘Landale’). Hopefully the situation doesn’t deteriorate to this. What that I end this letter with the words of Ulrike Meinhof [of Germany’s Red Army Faction], ‘Protest is when I say I don’t like this or that. Resistance is when I see to it that things I don’t like do not occur.’”

Chad Landrum #J-53747
Pelican Bay State Prison
A-2-114 – MED/SHU
P.O. Box 7500
Crescent City, CA 95531


My friend, Bryan is in the D2 Short Corridor...one of 150 who are dying at this very moment...Please call the Governor Brown and CDCR Sec. Cates...

Call Every Day!

Gov. Jerry Brown (his line is always busy)
(916) 445-2841

Secretary Matthew Cate (I always get through on this number....and called just now, call him first)
(916) 323-6001

Call and say this:
“Hi my name is _____. I’m calling about the statewide prisoner hunger strike that began at Pelican Bay. I support the prisoners & their reasonable “five core demands.” I urge the CDCR to negotiate with the prisoners immediately & in good faith. Thank You.”

I needed clothes and you clothed me,
I was sick and you looked after me,
I was in prison and you came to visit me.
-Matthew 25:36


  1. I know that my God is a great God. I was saved 10 months ago. I only hope the guys going through this have Jesus Christ as their lord and savor. Big brother Trent

  2. Not to many people blog. Does it make a difference i would say no. Anyone who reads this please if you are a believer in god. Please pray that my brothers non belief can come a believer. His reasons are very clear to me, and why he feels there is no god. There is a GOD Jesus Christ

  3. Its not just my brother its all prisoners going through the same thing and worse. Its true that after even inmates dying in the cells the system refuses to, the prison refuses to acknowledge true reason for their passing away. When truth be told these guards co/s cops would be placed into being responsable for what goes on. The prison guards are there with these inmates. They are still human "inmates" the prison system goes much deeper than concrete walls and bars. The minds of these prison guards are far worse than some of the inmates. God bless all these people

  4. i will pray for your brother 'derek'. he was always good to me, more that you could ever know. jennifer.