Monday, July 25, 2011

Bryan' medical update...CDCR responds with information

Good Morning all,
I'll start out by saying...Bryan is fine... Here is the timeline and description of events for today.. 

I will update this post as information becomes available, so just scroll to the bottom for the latest.

8:20 am - I called Medical this morning and left a message requesting a return call with Bryan's condition.  I then called Lt. Acosta, PIO of PBSP.  Lt. Acosta did confirm that Bryan was having chest pains, taken to the hospital for testing/treatment and has been returned the the prison Correctional Treatment Center (CTC) for observation.  He stated that Bryan should be back in his cell in a couple of days...  that puts me on schedule for visits with Bryan on Saturday and Sunday.

9:08 am  I spoke with Bryan's CCI (counselor and person responsible for handling his paperwork, etc) Amanda Hernandez, who just returned from vacation.  She was helpful, but behind the curve due to her absence.  My main question to her (related to her function as his counselor) was about his mail, would it be forwarded to the CTC?  She said that CTC stays are very short because they are being monitored just prior to returning to the unit.  If he needed longer or more detailed care, he would be in the hospital.  So that was good to learn :-).  She said his mail would be waiting for him in his cell.

Keep those postcards coming as they get through faster than letters.  For his address, email me at  Get well wishes from around the world would lift his spirits!

10:50 am I called Lt. Acosta asking for his assistance in contacting Medical.  He transferred me to Medical Department, resulting in a phone conversation with Dr. Sayer, the Chief of Medical at PBSP.  He confirmed Acosta's approx. time line as to the events.  He said Bryan was fine and was scheduled to return to his cell today.

As I spent last night educating myself about heart conditions and other complications of starvation, I was ready with specific questions, which once asked, he was required to answer.  If I didn't know what to ask, it would have been enough to say he was fine, but when I did ask for specific information , he was forthcoming with answers.  I will list the question and his answer:

Did Bryan have a heart attack, if not what was his diagnosis?  No, he had no heart damage, he was diagnosed with Hypophosphatemia, a low level of phosphorus in the blood, a side effect of starvation. Dr. Sayer put it into layperson's terms as his electrolytes were out of balance.

Is Bryan on any medication? No, none required.

What is Bryan's general condition? He is ambulatory (walking), eating, talking and returning to his cell sometime today.

Was there a Vitamin D deficiency? What did his blood workup show? He didn't have that right at hand but knew that it was a pertinent question (!).  I said if I needed that specific info later, I would call back.

What is Bryan's current condition and what is his prognosis? He kept insisting Bryan is fine and it is a closed issue.  That Bryan was going back to his cell and it is over.  I politely said, "Yes, I understand at this moment, based on available information, he is fine.  But it was all fine on Thursday, and then it wasn't."  I politely asserted that I just wanted to interface with his staff in a appropriate way... kind of "will I call you or will you call me if something changes". 

Given the original CDCR protocol of  "Persons with medical release of information for a particular inmate may call Medical and they will respond to our requests" , I said, I would call in to check as needed and promised not to make a pest of myself. (!)

12:20 pm I am still here in Crescent City, planning to stay through Sat and Sun (7-30/31) or until I can look Bryan in the eye at visit and see he is OK.

I am a nanny, I have the summer off -  I will not leave until I can visit with him and assure myself and all of you that he is out of medical danger...but remember,...

We must all continue pressuring for the needed changes.  Read the 5 core demands and sign the petition.

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  1. Julie,

    Looking forward to your update after you lay your own eyes on Bryan. Please, keep us posted. Also, please let Bryan know many, many thoughts are with him and the other Hunger Strikers. We are hopeful change will come to CA's prisons soon.