Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 11 - We Are the Government

A recent postcard from Bryan:


"When one spends each day naked and crouching in a corner of a cell resembling a pigsty, staring at such eyesores as piles of putrefying rubbish, infested with maggots and flies, a disease ridden chamberpot or a blank disgusting scarred wall, it is to the rescue of one's sanity to be able to rise and gaze out of a window at the world...."  Bobby Sands, Republican News, Nov.25, 1978

It was not by accident that the men and women who designed and built this place, did so with the elimination of windows.  Every aspect of this place was designed to break the spirit and the mind.  I haven't risen and gazed out of a window at the world in over 10 years....others here in over 20 now.  Is it really 2011?   ~Bryan

And so it more cheery attempts to distract him from prison reality, no more chatty conversations about esoteric topics,  Bryan wants to hear news about his family/ friends and about Hunger Strike events and progress.  

Bryan is in this hunger strike until the organizers call it off because there is reasonable movement towards the meeting of their demands or he dies. He will not consent to force feeding, but they will probably do it anyway. But still he will resist...and I will stay by his side.

Because I am in Crescent City, our mail has been fast, about 4-5 days for postcards, so I communicate during the week on 4x6 index cards. The visiting process has been normal so far. That's the good news.

The bad news....They saw no medical attention at the SHU until HS Day 7, and by Day 9 Bryan had lost 17 lbs. The CDCR is already failing to follow their own HS policies. He is suffering from sleep deprivation as starvation can cause insomnia.  He hasn't even enough energy to pick up a pen to write. He just lies there and waits....and suffers. His kidneys and back hurt, his head aches... but he is emotionally strong and committed. Bryan is willing lay down his life so that this insanity called solitary confinement/sensory deprivation will come to an end.

The CDCR is starting to move towards "conversations" that hopefully will lead to negotiations with prisoners.  This matter is in the hands of an elected governor and the secretary he appointed. As our public servants, they institute policies and spend our tax dollars.  Is this what "we the people" want?

The men are doing their part, now we must do ours...we must apply political pressure to get CDCR to negotiate by calling Governor Brown and CDCR Sec. Cates...EVERY DAY.

Here is the script suggested by California Prison Focus ( , part of the Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition:

Governor Brown (916-445-2841)

CDCR Sec. Cates (916-323-6001)
Call Every Day!
Call and say something like this: “Hi, my name is _____. I’m calling about the statewide prisoner hunger strike that began at Pelican Bay. I support the prisoners & their reasonable “five core demands.” I urge the CDCR to negotiate with the prisoners immediately & in good faith. Thank You.”

Please call today.  Post to facebook, text or tweet and ask your friends to what you can to flood the phone lines of Gov. Brown and Sec. Cates.

Please -- Bryan's life depends on it.  I thank you.

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